Saint Valentine

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a picture of St. Valentine.

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Saint Valentine / Present


Those who read my book “Initiation” and follow my contributions in the subscription area, gain in the course of time a picture in themselves of the path of a saint and initiate. I have observed their paths through the ages of human history and have come to the conclusion that they are all united by love for God. Each of you feels a kinship with God and loves in your soul what God also loves. They love the good, the beautiful, the virtue and the noble in people. The divine in man.

A second consistency in their behavior that emerged in my reincarnation research was the willingness and willingness, as well as the ability, to continuously transform throughout life.

We are not born saints or enlightened, but human beings with all their strengths and weaknesses. However, those of you who were actually saints carry the memory of paradise within you. You believe in God because you have preserved and defended the memory of Him within you. They descend from the heavenly spheres to God’s vicinity for incarnation and an inner irresistible urge for truth and love makes them tread the thorny path of initiation again.

As the Kali Yuga has reached its peak, it has become increasingly difficult to attain sanctity in recent centuries. Even the former saints could no longer attain that spiritual height that distinguished them, since the increasing power of the forces of darkness made the path more and more difficult by increasing misbelief, immorality and evil intentions among people. The eclipse of the collective, the moral decline and apostasy have now reached their peak. The dawn of the saints is coming.

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Christ with Valentine and Zeno of Rome