A short review

In my first twenty years as an astrologer, I studied every astrological technique I could find and tried them in practice, hoping to still discover something new.
However, if one has understood astrology from the meta-level of reincarnation and its laws, then there is no need for innumerable astrological techniques, because one discovers the same statements on all levels. However, an essential extension are the asteroids and fixed stars, which cannot be replaced by any technology.

Understanding the spiritual laws of reincarnation reduces the possibilities of interpretation of a radix to a minimum, because you can understand the essence and its history, so that you will be right in recording the characters and the consequent destiny. It is then just a matter of dosing the truth so that one comes across as constructive.

  1. Brief character analysis based on the conventional celestial bodies, their signs, house positions and aspecting. Elicitation of the incarnation intention.
  2. Consider the groupings of asteroids around the major lights Sun, Moon, Ascendant and MC, as well as around the six royal fixed stars. This is what the existence story tells you.
  3. Look into the future and look at the septa to come to have a rough outline of the future course of life.
  4. I use the present transits, progressions and solars for consultation on present issues.

Once you have drawn up a horoscope for someone, you will repeatedly address one or the other topic of the horoscope to your client in further consultations and deepen it according to his development, but mostly you are needed for decisions in the present.

In my experience, this decision support is about worldview support and psychological accompaniment so that processes taking place can be viewed and understood from a meaningful perspective in order to successfully follow the path to mastering one’s incarnational intention.

Include the septars if they haven’t done so before, because they give you the ideal overview of a larger development period, and they always coincide with the events and major themes of that period in hindsight.

However, the essence is that they can read the past from the present radix to understand what the incarnational intention of the present is.