No fear

These days we have Saturn square Uranus for the last time. No renewed restrictions on freedom (Saturn/Uranus) were introduced, but quite the opposite, Joe Biden declared the pandemic over yesterday. Wonderful, then all people can now go on living again free from fear.

With people who have hard Saturn/Uranus aspects (also conjunction) in the radix, we can always observe that they face the challenge and difficulty of reconciling society, obligation, security and work (Saturn) with their desire for independence and freedom (Uranus). However, they have to realize again and again that this cannot be reconciled as long as they work within a system (Saturn) and they let themselves be dominated by their need for security and fears (Saturn).

In a way they are afraid to live in freedom, because it is unpredictable (Uranus). They want and also know within themselves that they must take the leap to freedom, but they don’t know how to do it without being afraid of what is coming.
Freedom can only be felt when you no longer want to control everything in order to feel safe. The controller still lives in fear.

At some point in their lives they will have to dare the liberation from the constricting circumstances of life, if they do not want to become ill under the nervous tension (Saturn/Uranus), because they constantly suppress their desire for more independence, self-determination and personal freedom (Saturn/Uranus)

Source: Pixabay Public Domain

Saturn/Uranus – previous incarnations

People with hard Saturn/Uranus aspects have failed to go their own way in previous embodiments due to fears, lack of confidence, or even difficult political circumstances in their nation. They were prisoners in some form.
Now they are challenged to tear down their security thinking and caution in order to live the life they want to live. You must have the courage to leave the past (Saturn) behind and understand that you can only become free if you develop trust that everything will work out fine. They must free themselves from the fear of the future and learn to live a carefree life.

Saturn/Uranus People are often under strong inner tension because they suppress their need for independence and freedom for a long time. They force themselves to persevere, but ignore that in their work and life circumstances they are submitting to something that is in reality repugnant to them (Saturn/Uranus).

Those born under Saturn/Uranus will at some point in their lives be faced with the task of creating the structures that will lead them to the greatest possible independence, so that they have a work life and a private life in which they feel free and independent.

With hard Saturn/Uranus aspects in the radix, it is always a matter of leaving the past, fears, and stuck habits behind. It is not about subordination and conformity, but the goal is to create structures through which one becomes more and more independent from society. The path to freedom is always uncertain. The unpredictable is a component of freedom.