Concrete experience through practice

Spiritual practice is essential for the hermeticist and astrologer from a certain point on, if he wants to advance on the path. Inevitably, all the virtues and abilities of the four elements must be realized.

Theory has its limits, which can only be exceeded by direct experience. One can and must first get a theoretical picture of the mind and soul, but there comes a time when one must get a concrete, real experience of mind and soul through meditation in order to become an initiate.

The four elements


There is no way around mastering our minds. Our mind must be focused on what we are doing. The energy flows exclusively to the activity and its goal. We will not let anything distract us until we reach our destination. This attitude permeates all our actions and causes the strengthening of our spiritual will so that we gain dominion over our mind.

There are people who start this, stop that, start something else and ultimately little comes to fruition. Someone who realizes the fire element finishes what he starts and does not stop halfway. He controls his mind and therefore his senses. Nothing in the outside world, nor in his inner world, can distract him from what he wants to do until he has accomplished this, or gained the insight he is striving for, etc.

A strong will is capable of generating and sustaining any thought and feeling when appropriate to the situation. This mental concentration ability increases the visualization ability in humans. He begins to see clearly in his mind what he imagines, or what his mind is impressed with.


Life is movement. If you don’t move, you will be moved. Knowledge moves and whoever refuses knowledge and the search for truth becomes obstinate and stubborn.
If one realizes the air element, then one no longer clings to one’s knowledge, but remains spiritually supple and ready to learn new things and, if necessary, to discard outdated knowledge.
Imbalances show up in the form of exaggeration or deficiency. Either someone continuously absorbs knowledge without realizing it, or he avoids absorbing knowledge because he doesn’t want to know any more, or he thinks he knows enough anyway.

He who realizes the air element will attain omniscience through clairaudience, telepathy and his discernment, and will always receive the inspiration that will guide him to the truth. He will be able to move his mind to all spheres and become knowledgeable of them.

Whoever does not realize the air element remains a theorist or a fool who is afraid of having to realize this.


The soul needs love like flowers, earth, water and light need to grow. This is absolutely essential and a spiritual law. Meditation work is equally essential, as it causes our subtle bodies to receive the subtle nourishment they need to grow. Those who think that they can become an enlightened being based on thinking alone are on the wrong track.

Silence, peace, love, tranquility, patience, compassion are virtues that accrue to the meditator. His ego recedes into the background, the silence and emptiness into the foreground. We learn to allow and engage in the silence and stillness. Our perception of the invisible and the soul emanations of all beings is growing. We feel in every being the love and warmth, but also the closedness and coldness.

We feel our emptiness, our past, our childhood and the suffering inside us, as around us. However, we do not become weak, but at the same time something grows in us that gives us a home in heaven. Our soul and its organs the chakras unfold and allow us a higher and more penetrating perception of life. When our soul is healthy, we become capable of higher spiritual meditation exercises, because both the ability to concentrate and the calmness have been trained.

Love lived in the practice of life is the key that makes us ready and able for meditation. Without love within us, we cannot find peace. Even the strongest will will then only be able to establish this temporarily. A meditative person, however, is at peace with himself. He loves himself and God. He has become pure, free from sins and vices that would create unrest. No element should be neglected.

Those who do not realize the water element become uncaring and unloving. He closes himself off, withdraws, but in the company of others expects attention and care, but at the same time burdens his environment by his closedness, unsteadiness and or gloomy moods.

Someone who realizes the water element will bring everything around him into harmony and become a source of salvation and peace.


As long as our words are not followed by deeds, we have realized nothing. Our factory speaks for our quality and performance. The element of earth teaches us that results matter, regardless of how noble and valuable our vision was. If you do not work and implement something, you have nothing to show for what you have created. What does not serve others has little value.

Those who do not realize the earth remain materialists. Enjoyment orientation and self-serving behavior patterns are evident. He does not become a servant of God, but wants to serve himself. Instead of creating value, he is stingy and envious of others’ successes and becomes a burden or obstacle to you.

Those who realize the element of earth preserve and increase their performance until old age. God needs him and accordingly he will find, or be able to create, the conditions on the material plane to accomplish his mission and service.