The inner peace and the pleasure of conscious perception

Those who have learned to know and understand their own horoscope and with it themselves over many years or decades, and who have attained the necessary calmness within themselves, will notice when thoughts and feelings of a new quality arise in them. This refers to thoughts and feelings that he otherwise does not know about himself in this form. For example, when a rather pessimistic type suddenly thinks much more positively. Or when in someone who likes to repress parts of his past, feelings suddenly rise up regularly that make him aware of the past.
The experienced astrologer knows from practice that such drastic changes happen only when transits or secondary progression form special triggers. He knows this because he has already experienced several times that these astrological triggers can lead his life into new directions.

Of course, as a regular practitioner, you know how the stars in the sky are currently positioned in relation to your own radix, and you can think up beforehand how the coming transit might proceed, read about it again in a book, and the like, but the most beautiful thing about astrology comes to light when you have achieved peace within yourself and perceive the transit quite consciously. It is an inner understanding that no knowledge acquired through reading can replace.

One can despair of astrology

Why the mental and spiritual peace is so important for the student of astrology has also to do with the fact that usually several transits work at once and we must first learn to distinguish their different qualities. Here one must always take oneself by the nose and check oneself whether one assigns the currently active astrological influences correctly. The quality is always above the quantity. It is better to have meditated longer on one transit in one evening and to have penetrated it more deeply than to have glanced at several horoscopes.

The beginning, when you have just started learning astrology, can be quite frustrating, because although you are able to read the current transits in your chart already in the computer program, there are usually three or four transits going on. Some last only a few days, others several months, but even this distinction and the value of a long transit compared to a short one cannot yet be understood. So you see three or four active transits and you start looking up about them in a book and by the time you’ve read through all of them, you’re exhausted. One knows while reading that much of what one has read is true, but after having read up on all three or four transits, one may end up not knowing at all which current experience/experience is to be assigned to which transit. It is not uncommon to doubt one’s own intelligence and ability when learning astrology, because it is a new language, previously foreign to us.

What a pleasure it is when you have become proficient in the language, even though you are still learning, a recent example from my life should illustrate.

When the transit has become palpable

Due to a cold I got more rest than usual during the last days. At the same time, I noticed that I was more centered and felt my soul more strongly, that is, I perceived rising feelings more clearly, but also soulful impressions from the past that moved me. At the same time, I felt very good, happy about my current life situation with my partner, child and the house we moved into a short time ago. Optimism and a sense of well-being spread, as I had not yet known in me in this quality. Based on my past experience, I know that these observed changes are mapped by the stars and, in addition to looking at the transits, I once again did one on my secondary progression.

Jupiter Trine Chiron

Transit Jupiter Trine Sun/Chiron/Mercury, Created with Astroplus

First from books/DVDs/websites and then from experience, we know that optimism is assigned to Jupiter, which is currently in transit through the 7th house forming a trine to Chiron/Mercury. Although the trine is formed to Chiron, since it is in a conjunction with Mercury, the latter must be included in the interpretation and even the Sun cannot be completely omitted. If someone has an opposition of Chiron/Mercury to Saturn in the radix, he is a pessimistic thinker by type (Mercury/Saturn), which in conjunction to the Sun may well shape his personality. If transit Jupiter forms a trine to this, it opens the walls of pessimism and makes you happy with a large portion of optimism and abundance. Once you have achieved the necessary calmness within yourself, you can consciously open yourself to this transit and will learn (Chiron/Mercury) how healing (Chiron) the qualities of Jupiter are for you. Likewise, through this transit, you first become aware of how much you limit yourself through skeptical and pessimistic thoughts, so that you in turn learn about the Mercury/Saturn constellation. Even if one knows cognitively, of course, that Mercury/Saturn stands for pessimistic thoughts, the inner perception and holistic understanding is gained only through practice.

But this transit does not yet answer the intensified perception of one’s own inner life.

Progressive Sun in conjunction with progressive Moon

About every 29 years the progressive Sun and the progressive Moon form a conjunction. This constellation stands for the soul (moon) moving more into consciousness (sun). Mind and soul merge during this time and feelings and experiences that one has repressed come to the surface, become conscious. This constellation is just noticeably active with me and one learns again about the constellation picture sun/moon from practice. Also matching this constellation, last time my brother was born a little over 29 years ago – a family member (Moon) saw the light of day (Sun).

Secondary progression Sun Moon

Progressive Sun in conjunction with progressive Moon

These are the experiences that one gains through practice, which cannot be outweighed by anything else. The inner experience of what this conjunction feels like cannot be read about or obtained in a course, it must be done by oneself, unless one has a conjunction of Sun and Moon in one’s own radix.

In this way, it should be made clear once again to anyone who wants to learn astrology that this involves a great deal of time in a twofold sense. It needs the time of reading, listening to courses and taking part in courses if one wishes to do so, and above all the time of regular practice, but also the work on one’s own character, through which one gains all the more in astrological understanding as well as in inner peace. It is equally important to allow life its time, because some transits come only rarely or even only once in a lifetime and it is from the experience of conscious perception that one becomes an astrologer. The pleasure of conscious awareness and growing understanding of astrology and life is, in my view, incomparable and absolutely worth all efforts. Those who are very good at meditation can, of course, mentally penetrate the constellation pictures, but this belongs to the advanced stage, but the ability is gained through the same process of practice and purification.