The shadow side of Jupiter

Everything that is not forbidden is allowed. (Jupiter/Mars)

Many times people are inclined to downplay difficult Jupiter constellation pictures because Jupiter is a benefactor. However, every celestial body has shadow sides and will show its shadow sides through difficult aspects, a weak position in the zodiac, or a negative grouping of other celestial bodies around this Jupiter.

“What is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to cattle.” (Sun/Jupiter/Pluto)

Jupiter’s morality can also prove to be highly elastic if we consider these two attitudes, which represent Jupiter’s typical shadow sides. In his greed he can become a robber baron and capitalist with Jupiter/Mars, who will use any means to increase his fortune. Add Pluto to the mix and you have the energy that characterizes today’s predatory capitalism and their billionaires.

Again, typical of these super-rich is another downside of Jupiter. These super-rich break the laws they make for others, according to the attitude, what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to cattle.

The wise man sees that the devil uses the shadowy side of the benefactors to give people a false idea of paradise.

Zeus sees these hypocrites and immoral imitators who think they are gods. He will disenchant their dazzle with his lightning and rob them of their power.

Wikimedia Public Domain