David Icke interviewed by Jo Conrad

This interview was conducted in 2017. David Icke has always been ahead of his time and an amazingly accurate prophet in reality. Not only does his radix show us the gift of prophecy, but it is because he knows the truth around the fallen angels and sees exactly what they are doing.
Take an hour of their time. It really pays off because deep spiritual insights also follow in the second and third parts.

Nag Hammadi Code Headings


Headings Nag Hammadi Code

Radix David Icke

We see his destiny to uncover the worldwide conspiracy of fallen angels (reptiloids) with Pluto/Merac in the tenth house sextile to Neptune from 12 (divining the processes unseen in secret).
This is confirmed by Regulus/Vesta/Sauron/Lucifer = sent by God to expose the workings of evil (Sauron/Lucifer) through a burning lens (Vesta).

With Sun/Apollo (Prophet) in opposition to Acrux/Mars/Rockefellia (fight against the occult billionaires) we see the Prophet who has made it his mission to fight the occult elites (Acrux/Rockefellia) of this world with his magic.

With Sirius/Moon/Uranus/Bal he opens with his books and lectures (9th house) to mankind (Cancer moon) a completely new point of view (Uranus) on the workings of the forces of darkness (Bal).
The Lilith on the MC means that its task is to rebel against the prevailing system and to address taboos.

Radix David Icke