Autosuggestion or manipulation

Constructivism basically just states that people can be influenced and that this influence shapes our perception and interpretation of reality. The content of our mind and the state of our soul decide how we construct reality for us.

The magician and initiate would say in a simplified way that man can influence himself with autosuggestion, as well as he can be suggested something by the mind of others (mass media etc.) and thereby his perception of reality is formed, as well as his own abilities are influenced. We can become stronger or weaker, more aware or more jaded in our perception, etc., through this influence.

The initiate

The true initiate, however, is not a constructivist, for he knows from his own experience that there is only one absolute truth, the sun, God. The initiate knows that there is a source, a light, our divine heritage, which shines more or less in every human being and illuminates his consciousness. There is a sun of truth in him. If this sun shines and is not obscured by any clouds that his mind produces, then this supernatural light reveals to man the transcendent dimensions of life (sphere of cause, objectivity, transcendent consciousness).

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The true initiate has experienced, by aligning or resonating his being with the divine within him, that this supernatural light has begun to shine within him, enlightening his consciousness so that he begins to perceive and understand the causal sphere of life (Akasha, God, Platonic world of ideas…).

The enlightened one can only regret the simplicity and the apostasy of the constructivists, because he knows that their self-exaltation and self-empowerment permanently obstruct the way of knowledge through revelation to God for you.

The one who consecrates himself to God understands that he should use his thought powers and soul powers to influence himself in a way to become receptive to the Divine and thus to the one truth in everything.

When the divine begins to be awakened in us, we see things with God’s eyes through the Holy Spirit. We begin to see the truth because the light that “illuminates the space of our consciousness” reveals to us the sphere of cause.
We begin to see and understand the “Platonic idea” in everything, that is, God’s purpose. The divine now influences our consciousness and not we ourselves form our reality of reality through the mind. It is revealed to us what we could not construct ourselves, but at most obstruct. This light, of the Spirit of God, reveals to us the truth about all beings and God’s purpose of creation. This light makes us understand the purpose of everything.

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The goal of the air epoch

Why does the aspirant of initiation practice mind control and thought mastery for years? Right, to one day let his thoughts become silent and attain the silence of thought? Even the term “attain” is in truth false, because in reality it enters into resonance with the transcendent divine spheres of consciousness.
Does he silence his thoughts in order to then form his reality, or does he silence his thoughts in order to attain or receive a transcendent perception of reality? He quiets his thoughts to explore whether there is a “transcendent, all-embracing and all-pervading superconsciousness, that is, God-consciousness.” He quiets his thoughts to go beyond the subjective perception of his mind and physical senses. He quiets his thoughts to allow spiritual revelation.

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The constructivists are brain acrobats who tie themselves up and blindfold themselves by their materialistic egocentric worldview so that they never become receptive to the wonder of the revelation of God’s transcendence, intoxicated by their acrobatic cleverness. They actually exalt themselves and create their illusory realities instead of becoming still and empty in order to approach God and become receptive to God’s consciousness.

The true task in the air epoch is to master the air element. This culminates in the power over our thinking, with the goal of thought silence, upon which the development of our higher spiritual senses takes place. We are developing a higher form of mental communication. Omniscience, because wherever we move our consciousness, we become aware of the divine idea of the being or object.

The aim of the aerial epoch is the training of telepathy, clairaudience and clairvoyance. So, the development of the higher spiritual senses in man to communicate with all heavenly spheres and their beings (air), as well as to perceive higher dimensions of life. It is about the preparation for the receptivity of the divine revelation.
The air epoch reveals to man higher dimensions of life an expanded consciousness, through mental wandering and telepathy, provided he gains power over his thinking instead of identifying with his thoughts and mind. The goal of the Air Epoch is to educate us to silence of thought so that we can participate in God’s transcendent consciousness through revelation through the Holy Spirit.

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Holy Spirit

The satanic path to the left

Whoever advises man that he should use the air epoch to form and construct reality for himself adapted to the circumstances of life, with the help of his mind and his spiritual powers (lower magic), so that he can use the circumstances for himself (black magic), is in reality teaching man the satanic way, even if he may not be aware of it.
Constructivism and its worldview make man deaf to the Holy Spirit and the revelations of God’s transcendent world and consciousness. Constructivism breeds proud people who relativize everything and can no longer distinguish between good and evil because their relativism moves them further and further away from the truth. The divine light is only dimly clambering in their minds. The divine light does not illuminate their minds for a transcendent perception of the reality of God. The pineal gland atrophies and calcifies.

With constructivism, man seals his fate of cutting himself off from the divine within him.
The relativization of all values in constructivism leads to the fact that every person can claim that it is as good as he is and there is no ideal as well as no sin. There is no God, no origin of life, no Holy Spirit to reveal and expand one’s consciousness to a transcendent perception, but for the constructivist there are only the imaginative powers of his thinking or those of other people through which our reality of reality is formed. He is in fact doomed not to go beyond human consciousness. Philosophically, he usually becomes “a hypocritical humanist, systemicist and freemason”.

Constructivism = Saturn

Transit Saturn Astrology

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As the name suggests, constructivism (Saturn = construct) is a saturnine philosophy and therefore also a satanic philosophy and false doctrine, through which man builds his own prison through his mind and at the same time seals the connection to the Holy Spirit. His perception of reality and “the one truth in everything” will not go beyond that of his doubting mind. For him, there are as many truths and realities as there are beings and thoughts. There is no lie and no truth. Everything becomes relatable.

The constructivist views the sun from the earth, in the absence of the experience of being the sun.

A transcendent consciousness (Sun/Neptune) cannot be attained by this person, for he is not willing to be silent, to confide, to ask for God’s guidance, and to become selfless.

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His view of the world and thus his perception of reality, exclude from the outset that he could participate in a divine consciousness, if he would realize the qualities of God (virtues) in himself. He closes the door to revelation because he wants to consider himself good as he is and is too proud to gain entrance into the silence of revelation through purification and transfiguration (Pisces).

A transcendent perception of the world (Neptune), the perception of the sphere of causes, of ideas and motives, of the timeless destiny reveals itself to the one who controls his mind and silences his ego. He is a person whose ego no longer identifies with his mind, intelligence and ability to think, recognize and interpret, but who, despite all that he knows and has learned, has again become like a little child to whom God’s world can reveal itself. He has become feminine and loving, not masculine guided by his intellect. The God-loving person becomes a grail in which a supernatural light of God begins to shine. A light that reveals the truth of God in everything.

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The Holy Grail

The true initiate does not strive to know more in order to teach others a wiser worldview. He does not seek power, but he wants to serve God in His work (Pisces). To the true initiate, God has revealed Himself. He begins to understand the one truth, through the one light that is able to illuminate everything.
The light, which in the constructivist only clings dimly and goes out more and more, until he finds himself in darkness, because in his pride he has turned away from the divine in order to build the Tower of Babel with his mind.

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Tower of Babel / EU Parliament