Why a dead cook?

Good swimmer drowns in water one meter deep

A few days ago, Barack Obama’s cook drowned in a 1-meter deep body of water near the Obamas’ estate. He was reportedly traveling on a paddleboard. In this post, interesting questions and connections are made with the death of Tafari Campbell.

Barack Obama stated for the record that he and his wife were not present on the island at the time. It later emerged that the Obamas may very well have been at their mansion home.
Then it was reported that B. Obama opposed the autopsy of the corpse, at the same time he himself is said to have had injuries on his hands. What was really going on there? In any case, the official media do not report what, according to this interview, actually happened below.

Why a cook? Why does a chef in his prime, who was a good swimmer, drown in 1 meter deep water? Why the cook? The Clintons also had a mysterious dead cook incident a few years ago. The cooks are part of the family. Hardly anyone is closer to a family than the cook and accordingly a cook knows more than any journalist. Conspiracy theory or is something being suppressed here that no one is supposed to know?

Barack Obama not an American at all and his ancestors from the line of Akhnaton?

Barack Obama became American president, although there are considerable doubts about the authenticity of his birth certificate and there is some question as to whether he was actually born in Honolulu (Hawaii). The moderator also points this out again in the above post.

Here’s an interesting analysis of the birth certificate from a scanning professional who aims to prove in this post that Obama’s birth certificate was forged with a scanner.


There is a film by Tibor Zelikovics in which he tries to document that Barack Obama’s mother stands for kinship with European monarchs and American rulers. His father is said to be descended from an African dynasty that goes back to Akhenaten.

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Akhenaten / Barack Obama

Interestingly, Barack Obama’s first trip abroad as president was to Egypt (Akhenaten?) and not Israel as is traditional.

Sirius conjunction Akhenaten

Checking these theories astrologically, do we see the royal fixed star Sirius, the regent of America, in conjunction with the asteroid Akhenaten = Akhenaten ruling America?
This thesis is astrologically again supported with the royal fixed star Princeps (ruler) in conjunction to Africa/Masterman, thus a former ruler and leader of Africa.

Radix Barack Obama

I wonder if Michelle Obama is his soul mate? In her radix we see Akhenaten in conjunction to Moon/Venus and in opposition to royal Regulus = the wife of President (Regulus) Akhenaten? Nefertiti is in slight conjunction to Spica.

With Altair/Sun/Emperor/Mars, she would definitely have the power to step into the ring for the Democrats against Donald Trump.
Transit Pluto is currently on this stellium, so she could be a person to keep in the talon if Jo Biden becomes unsustainable for the Democrats in all the polls.
I am curious to see what else will come out in this matter, because a judge has supposedly taken up the case and is already examining the contradictory witness statements.

Radix Michelle Obama

Tafari Campbell’s transits at the time of death

Tr. Saturn on Akhenaten and transit Karma on Karma.

Transits Tafari Campbell Time of Death