In an assassination attempt the day before yesterday the daughter of Alexander Dugin was killed by an explosive device in the car of Alexander Dugin. He himself had reportedly briefly decided to ride in another car as he was leaving the conference. The attack was, of course, primarily aimed at himself. The explosive device detonated under the driver’s seat.

We see this attack on his daughter in transit Mars square (attack) to his Uranus (bomb, explosion) in the fifth house of children. This Uranus was just triggered by the transit sun.

He himself instinctively acted with the transit Mars on the AC in such a way that he survived.

Alexander Dugin Radix + Transits
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We also still see transit Pluto in conjunction to its moon. He has to let go of someone who was very close to him.
The Transitchiron is in an exact square to its Sun. The pain is probably terrible for him, because he knows that the attack was primarily for himself.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that this attack was not carried out by Ukrainian intelligence, but by an agent of a foreign intelligence service?

The thought is followed by the deed, so that philosophers and journalists live dangerously as possible political incendiaries and masterminds. The ideas, beliefs, and worldviews that politicians acquire over the course of their lives are almost always rooted in the teachings of outstanding thinkers, strategists, and spiritual people to whom they feel a spiritual kinship, as many leading Russian politicians undoubtedly are from Alexander Dugin.

Russia is a nation very receptive to mysticism, spirituality and magical thinking. Alexander Dugin knows about this nature of the Russian soul, so he prepares his political ideologies for this receptivity.