Ascendant in the zodiac sign Aries

Energetic direct and determined, mostly unconcerned open and sincere know my person. At times I can also be quick-tempered to aggressive when things don’t go as I had imagined. In any case, it won’t be boring with me, because I’m driven by a great thirst for action and adventure. What I want is to improve myself and to increase in everything, after all, I do not only stand with otherbut above all also with myself in competition. I want to be in the front, set the direction and set the tone. If the person with Ascendant Aries wants to achieve something in life, then it is clear that he must learn to
must control his
energy and indispensably increase his self-control to combine evenness and perseverance with his strong will. In this way, he can succeed in realizing his ideas and visions in the course of his life. A strong will is good, but the decisive factor is always whether someone wants good morally or acts immorally.