Ascendant in Libra zodiac sign

Friendly, open, respectful and active is the effect of the Libra Ascendant on other people. One notices immediately that it is very important to him

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to get along well with his fellow human beings. You can’t help but be polite, too. People with Libra ascendant do not like to be alone, because without interaction with other people they can hardly realize themselves. Life is simply more fun in pairs, and fun is a must. As a Libra Ascendant, I value beauty, a well-groomed appearance and good manners. Ugliness, bad manners or even ruthlessness are fundamentally contrary to my nature. Whoever wants to become my friend must meet these requirements. I am rarely particularly strict with myself, because the joy of life comes first for me. Therefore, out of tolerance, I also do not approach other people too closely, nor do I want to change them with pressure. Live and let live is my motto. However, care must be taken not to lie to oneself again and again for the sake of peace and to make false compromises. Often evading the necessary conflict, one yields to those who would be better not to be the first.