It seems that the allegations against Anthony Fauci on the Gain of Function research, as well as on what happened in the Wuhan laboratories, are too serious, so he has to leave the field.

If we look at his natal chart, my first burning question would be, what is the size of Anthony Fauci’s private fortune? With his Sun trine to Jupiter/Saturn/Midas he made a great career. If there were not Pluto (vaccination, virus, corruption) and Chiron (medicine, doctor) in square to Jupiter/Saturn/Midas, this question about his private fortune would not arise in me.

How do I interpret Jupiter/Saturn/Midas astrologically? Great wealth (Jupiter/Midas) through ascension in state functions (Jupiter/Saturn). If Pluto/Chiron are in the square to it, the suspicion is obvious that someone is abusing his power (Pluto squares) to enrich himself (Jupiter), or to force an ideology on other people.

Finally, Jupiter/Pluto themes in their negative form of realization also stand for ideological abuse. Probably not completely coincidentally, the asteroids Jenner (inventor of vaccination) and America are also included in this square position.

This horoscope speaks a very clear language, so that the accusations, which one raises opposite Anthony Fauci, by the screening of his financial flows and the private fortune of Anthony Fauci , could probably give us information about why Anthony Fauci gave in the past again and again untrue information and concealed essential details, or also let suppress facts. That someone with a square of Mercury (communication) to Neptune (deception, lies) does not always tell the truth goes without saying. Astrologically very suspicious.

Radix Anthony Fauci
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