Have the power

When we grab the remote control, we want to have the power. At home, I always have the remote control. Remote controls give power.

Since my wife is so loving that she left the remote control to me from the beginning of our relationship, I am of course concerned to coordinate the selection of films to our liking. Their love is so powerful that I want to do what makes them happy.

Doesn’t the remote control give me that much power after all?

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Is there a higher power?

I would argue that the remote control very much empowers me. If I want to, I determine what’s on. At most, the other person can leave the room if he is not satisfied with the selection.
Instruments are used to implement the will of the people who have the instrument.

Love can influence a person’s will for good and possibly weaken the will for evil in him. However, love (Venus/Neptune) is love. Love has no power like the power to force something.

Love and voluntariness are siblings, as are hatred and compulsion. Love does not make man strive for power.

Is power desirable?

Having power always means that you can enforce something even against the will of others. The lover, on principle, does not want to enforce anything against the will of others, when he may also have no other choice in order to preserve and protect what he loves.

If love is not enough to stop someone from wanting and doing evil, power is needed.

Of course we can try to evade the will of the more powerful (Pluto) (Neptune), up to the last consequence that we do not possess anything at all, except our life.
One tries to win over the wielder of power by not being afraid of death, nor of losing one’s earthly existence.
However, one must be aware that in the final consequence, the world will be as the exerciser of power shapes it. The lover will also need willpower in order not to have to give way to the maleficent.

If we do not want the world to be shaped as it is by others, then we too must make our own contribution to shaping it. If we want that, we need love and power.
However, the power that the lover strives for is the power over his mind to follow the truth and express it through his will.


The black magic of the present

The leaders of the forces of darkness, who also embody on earth, have brought about the collective apostasy in mankind. Mankind was cut off from its soul life by materialistic thinking and the overtoning of the intellect that went along with it. The loss of spirituality and the spiritual gifts of supersensibility went along with it.

As the incarnated old spirits themselves lose their supersensibility through their devilish work, the money and technology, are used as a substitute for magical abilities. Those who have the capital and can press the remote control can perform “miracles”. He has the power to determine everything, which would never have been possible for him through his personal will, without the instruments of his power. It can limit the free will of man to a minimum, even eliminate it. The financial digital complex, meanwhile, is creating policies and laws among politicians that help this elite gain even more power over every single person.

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Bar code for all people

The power of truth

The highest power is the truth (sun). Truth is the sword of the lover, which is why the Archangel Michael, the guardian angel of God, is depicted with a sword. Those who love the truth become powerful.
The thoughts, words, writings, way of life, and lived love of a lover and sage who has striven for the truth in his life always live on in some form. You can try to suppress his influence and legacy to the point of silencing that person, but you cannot disempower the truth that was lived through him.
The truth itself is inviolable and unchangeable.

The lie can confuse man, but it cannot change the truth. Truth is not in the eye of the beholder, but in what a person wants. Does man want to love, heal, enlighten, build up and increase, or does he hate, make others sick, have a divisive effect and sow fear? In order to do evil, man needs power. To do good, he needs love.
However, how much power man’s love possesses is based on the truth in which his will is founded. The truth exists eternally. The lie is transient.