The decision for love

If I were to boil down my experience with other people to its essence, there are only two types of people. Some want to give and love, others want to take and be recognized.

Bitter statistics

There are certainly 50 million third initiates in this world (there is a great difference in consciousness between the beginning and the end of the third), but not a hundred fourth initiates. Of the fourth initiates, 80% are those who tread the path to the left.
Among all the “millions of good spirituals” there remain about twenty in whose beings the Divine finds a plowed field and fertile soil to unfold successfully with certainty.


Certain success is guaranteed by the mastery of thought, in which the fourth initiate will attain mastery. The fourth initiate is ready to put his whole life at the service of God. With every thought and fiber he wants to strengthen and increase the good and truth in the world. His time and energy are devoted exclusively to this service.
He has no time to waste. Whether it is with people who are not mature enough to support him, or for fears and worries that he no longer allows to arise within him. He has become strong to work and serve.

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His outer life will not necessarily change because of his altered consciousness, but inside his life has changed completely. He knows about God’s existence and his immortality. His consciousness and motives, how he lives, why he decides and acts this way or that, have completely changed. Good is what serves the good.

A fourth initiate can no longer lie to himself. If he wants, he cannot let certain thoughts arise, but he always sees the truth, the essence or causes that set everything in motion. The end of the third initiation culminated in purity and clarity, complete self-knowledge. He is not a saint, but he knows all his weaknesses and does not suppress them, but is ready for real metamorphosis.

The spiritual laws of karma and reincarnation begin to be fully understood by the fourth initiate and, of course, to correspond to them in his decisions and actions, because he is not a masochist. He does what he is destined to do and what the situation demands.
This has become a need for him. Any other attitude triggers pain in the soul and is rejected as pathogenic. Thus, it has become a natural need of his being or soul to act selflessly. There is no need of compulsion towards himself, but a need of his soul.

He does not feel it as renunciation, loss or personal disadvantage, but he has begun to love and experiences the richness that comes from it. He will be endowed in spirit and soul, as well as on the physical level his relations will be ordered to the good.

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Redemption from selfishness

Whoever undergoes this transformation of his nature of being to selflessness, or as in some cases it would be more correct to say, whoever finds his way back to himself as he was before he was warped by people in the wrong direction, will feel free and happy afterwards, because what he lost was in reality what he suffered from all his life.

Adult at last

A fourth initiate is considered an adult from the “perspective of the gods” for the first time. It can be compared to declaring someone to be of age at 19. At nineteen, we are still completely inexperienced. The fourth initiate is also inexperienced, in astral world, which begins to reveal itself to him in the course of the fourth initiation.

The fourth initiate can now be given a task or mission that he will carry out responsibly on his own. However, he will not be handed a role with an order, but will know within himself what to do. After all, he is an adult and no one has to tell him what his duties are anymore.
For the fourth initiate, there will be no more failure due to personal moral weaknesses. In this respect, he will no longer go astray. He will even be willing to use everything he possesses for the truth, the good and the noble. Even his own life.

He is not a master, but merely an adult who can be trusted.