The best tool for self-knowledge

From our horoscope we can read who we were, how we are and what our destiny is. Who understands his horoscope, understands himself and his existence story. Astrology has a great future ahead of it because it is a universal language that speaks the truth timelessly.
Astrology will become the future navigation tool for generations striving for enlightenment.

No guru or hypocrite to manipulate them. No church that can claim an interpretative sovereignty on the truth and no organization whose permission they need to practice this profession, as well as any reproduction or mass production is impossible without losing quality. The skill of each astrologer is uniquely individual.
At the same time, astrology is universally timelessly true.

Although attempts are now being made in astrology to introduce ideologies and worldviews in order to invert basic astrological principles, these are doomed to failure. The truth and the functional possibilities of astrology cannot be manipulated, but lead directly to misinterpretation. The astrologer harms not only his clients, but also himself. The client will turn away.

There are few astrologers

My experience shows that most people interested in astrology do not get beyond a basic education. After four five years again their interest in astrology flattens, because only in the course of time one understands that one can still so little. One understands as much about astrology as one is spiritually developed.
What one has learned is usually used, but rarely does the relevant increase in skill occur unless someone does astrology every day.

Stay true to astrology and practice it every day. Practice makes perfect. If you look at a few horoscopes, solar charts and transits every day, you will progress. A rolling stone gathers no moss. It is the same in astrology.

Open astrological practice evening + training

If you want to look over my shoulder while interpreting horoscopes, I recommend the open astrological practice evening every second Monday (19:00-21:00) of the month.

Last Tuesday Maximilian Klinger started a basic astrological training, which you can still join to learn about the fascination of astrology. Every Tuesday from 19:00 to 21:00.