As the media is currently starting to create the narrative for the next dangerous virus variant, I have taken a look at the upcoming stars for the coming months. In principle, I could not see any mundane aspects that argue for a pandemic or another lockdown, as the celestial bodies will not form aspects similar to those in 2020 and 2021 in the coming months. I would like to explain how I come to my conclusion with the following historical examples.


I would like to start with the Mundan aspects of the first plague epidemic. The Black Death raged in Europe over a six-year period from 1347 to 1353. The frenzied expansion at the beginning of the outbreak is shown to us by the conjunction of the benefactor Jupiter (Expansion/13°18) with the malefactor Pluto (Virus/13°47). And is enormously strengthened in its effect by an exact opposition to the royal fixed star Spica (collective goodwill+evil =collective bad luck)/14°44). Another interesting aspect is shown by the fact that at this time the asteroid Pest (14°48), which was actually named after the Hungarian city and not after the plague, was involved in this opposition exactly to the degree by a T-square. A coincidence or yet a proof of the significance of astrology as a cosmic clockwork?

The fact that the plague acted over such a long period of time is also reflected in other bad aspects that formed two years later. Jupiter moved on and in the meantime formed a square to Pluto, so that the illness did not subside and continued to spread. Pluto did not remain alone, however, and also received a visit from the next culprit, Saturn (Karma), which again formed an exact opposition to Spica, thus showing us that the pandemic was a collective karma of the European population. It would also be worth mentioning that the asteroid Plague is still in conjunction with the Moon’s Node.

As a second historical point in time, I have chosen the year 1918, because, in addition to the end of the First World War, it acquires further historical significance through the emergence of the Spanish flu. This far overshadowed the number of war casualties in its two-year duration, with an estimated death toll of 20 to 50 million. At the time chosen, the disease had been on the rise for five months with no end in sight. Again we see that Jupiter (expansion) led to a distribution and spreading of the pathogen through the conjunction with Pluto (virus). Also we can see again that the asteroid Plague (Pestilence) is included in the packet and the whole stellium forms a square to Chiron (Suffering).

As a third example we consider the aspects of 22.01.2010. According to the WHO press release of the said day, the pandemic of swine flu had reached its peak in the northern hemisphere at that time. Looking at the image, we see a degree exact square of Pluto (virus) to Saturn (action by institutions). Furthermore, the asteroid Plague is prominent again, forming a conjunction to the royal fixed star Sirius (America) and the asteroid King. Mercury (press/media) also already forms a slight opposition to this stellium. I interpret Sirius/King in this case to mean that the WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations and is subordinate to it. This, in turn, has its headquarters in New York and is the driving force behind ensuring that the WHO regulations are implemented at the global level.

That the said pandemic did not lose momentum and was declared over only with August 2010, we can see from the fact that Jupiter already formed a square to Pluto as well as an opposition to Saturn (measures) in the following months, as in the times of the plague. That there was no lockdown at that time, we probably owe to the fact that Pluto was still in the first decanate (mental level) Capricorn at that time and the state only radicalized in the course of the last eleven years, when Pluto moved through the sign, so that this only became a reality for us with Pluto in the third decanate (physical level).

Last but not least, we highlight the celestial bodies under which the corona pandemic began in Europe in the spring of 2020. As a cut-off date, we take 27/02/2020, as this is the date when the first officially infected person was detected in a European country (the Netherlands). Again we see the usual suspects known to us in the form of the planets Jupiter (expansion), Pluto (virus), Saturn (measures) together. This time even in the sign Capricorn, which once again underlines the harsh intervention of the state apparatus. Exactly at the time when Jupiter entered the orb of Pluto, the first officially infected person on European territory was announced. The whole smorgasbord of planets is squared to Venus (fun/joy) and the asteroid Wuhan is also only two degrees from Jupiter (foreign). A rogue who thinks evil?

I hope that I have been able to show how I arrive at my prognosis on the basis of the examples presented, since simply put, without the appropriate triggers, there is not the quality of time for another epidemic. I would not see similarly difficult collective stars again until summer 2028 at the earliest, when Saturn and Chiron in Taurus begin to square Pluto in Aquarius.