The progressive moon

The progressive moon represents the basic mood that accompanies us for two and a half years and shapes the basic needs of our soul during this phase. A few keywords…

prog. Moon in Aries

In this phase we want to dare new things. It pushes us forward and we want to realize our ideas and visions. We do not let others stop us from our goals now, but if necessary, carry out conflicts in order to do what we think is right. Launch of a new company. Stand on your own two feet.

prog. Moon in Taurus

Our basic need at this stage of life is to focus on our protection. Now we focus on material matters and strive to improve our income.

prog. Moon in Gemini

During this period, we often move to a new home or set up an office so that our private and professional lives can be kept separate. We feel a strong need to communicate, travel and engage with new areas of knowledge.

prog. Moon in Cancer

In this phase of life, a stronger need for withdrawal arises. Our private life is becoming a priority. It is important to us that we feel comfortable in the place where we live. Many people move to the countryside or spend more time in nature during this phase.

Usually, we are now interested in family and childhood issues, so there is also more contact with our family of origin. Our soul feels comfortable in familiar surroundings.
Often at this stage of life we also develop a stronger interest in the history of mankind.

prog. Moon in Capricorn at present

For me, the progressive moon is in Capricorn right now. I am focused, patient, and consistently working to further develop AstroPointer.
With a progressive Moon through Capricorn, you are serious, willing to work hard and give up free time. Mentally, only results can satisfy us.

Compendium of secondary progressions

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