Every place in this world seems to be surveyed – every point, no matter how small or remote, can be geographically located and defined with the coordinate system. The lines of longitude and latitude cover our planet like an invisible net. In between are idyllic lakes, deep gorges, supposedly insurmountable mountains or even raging rivers. At the many junctions you can change direction at any time, sometimes go further, sometimes maybe even go backwards.

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of our lives – or rather our entire history of existence. Couldn’t one perhaps even abstract a coordinate system from this? Where are we in it? Not only geographically in the place where we are now born. But also spiritually. Did we always walk continuously in one direction or possibly take one (wrong) turn. Have we regressed or stayed strong? Where do the threads come together for us? And where is the center for us, what is our central source of strength?

There are many fields here, a bit like a chessboard. However, our life is not a game at all, and God did not roll the dice when it came to the companions with whom we would live our lives. We have already been responsible for this all by ourselves in previous games.

Since time immemorial, man has put everything on a scale: Whether measuring cup, folding rule, clockwork or thermometer – that’s how measured it is. However, there is a higher power that cannot be pressed into any unit of measurement: Love knows neither time nor space. It lasts forever and kilometers do not interest them. A truly, absolutely royal gift! And now let’s take another look around. In what field do we stand when it comes to defending the king?

All LOVE, your Sabine