Til Schweiger has become Manta, Manta again

As long as Til Schweiger did not rebel against the system narratives and parried dutifully, he was sacrosanct. However, now that he has been critical of C-measures, eCars and the Greens, headlines are already emblazoning that he would have appeared drunk on the Manta, Manta set. Now you have to discredit this man instead of giving him credit for authenticity as an actor.

Til Schweiger is a Sagittarius who has been going through transits of Pluto over his Mercury, Venus, and now his Moon over the last ten years. After briefly getting wrapped up in Angela Merkel’s spell for a refugee house in 2015, in a fit of compassion, Pluto’s transits have thankfully transformed him back to the old.

With Altair/Moon/Venus in the fourth house, he is very popular in Germany. When stars like him contradict system narratives, things get dicey for the Great Reset politicians. With transit Pluto on the moon you are pulled through the mud.

Til, how good that you have become Manta, Manta again and Pluto made you realize that we don’t get far with hypocrisy. Let’s go to battle!

Transits Til Schweiger

Franz Sigel the first German action star in the American Civil War

Hardly anyone knows Franz Sigel (1824-1900), but his historical parallelism reminds me of Til Schweiger. Franz Sigel was born and raised in Germany. However, he would later make his mark on the American Civil War as a Corps Commander. He participated in many Unionist campaigns until he rose to the rank of major general. He gathered Germans around him to enlist them as fighters in the American Civil War.

Til Schweiger, in turn, emigrated to Hollywood in the meantime to make a career as an action star. He’s starred in a few American action films worth watching, and he’s achieved his goal, at least in part.

Wikimedia Public Domain / Blanka Borová (Karolína Černá), Til Schweiger – Jan Žižka (film, 2020), edited, CC BY-SA 4.0
Franz Sigel / Til Schweiger

Now maybe I will watch the new Manta, Manta flick after all, because right now you have to support the people who are helping to wake up the lulled masses and oppose the Great Reset.