Collective Pantheism among the Majority of Spirituals

Pantheistic beliefs, based in the theological view that God or the divine is one with nature and the cosmos, lead to confusing cause with effect. Especially in astrology and among energetics pantheism is widely spread.

Baruch Spinoza, who contributed decisively to the spread of pantheism, exists today in an astrologer double pack with Martin Luther. Luther’s path also led him into pantheism.

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Baruch Spinoza / Martin Luther

I always simplify so that everything remains easy to understand. Pantheism tries to pick the Holy Spirit out of the Trinity, but rejects God the Father and His Son, as well as their miraculous and redemptive activity.
However, the Holy Spirit does not exist separately from God the Father and His Son, because the Holy Spirit originates from the Father, works in the Son and is breathed in by every human being through the Son’s spirit who believes in God and is of good will.

However, those who do not believe in a personal God are actually cutting themselves off from the Holy Spirit of all believing spiritual beings. However, since man is a spiritual being and breathes the spirit (inspirations, interests, whispers) without being aware of it, sooner or later, as evidenced by their stories of existence, those who reject God in their faith will breathe in the Unholy Spirit of demons in their minds.

“Spiritual Materialism”

Through pantheism, the astrologer runs the risk of mistaking the macrocosm for the power that moves everything. The energeticist speaks of the morphogenetic field and the magnetic field of the Earth, the power of which exceeds that of man. These assumptions and ideas are fatal philosophical errors. Man allows himself to be blinded by matter.

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Solar system

Man, in his incredulity, is no longer able to imagine that God created heaven, earth, the first spirits and man from his spirit. In our small faith we cling to material ideas instead of becoming aware of our invested divinity by starting to believe in God and the power of the spirit again, so that our will becomes united with God’s will and the Holy Spirit comes over us.

The result of this widespread pantheism in the West is receptivity to the ersatz religion of the climate lie and the climate policies that accompany it, through which attempts are made to patronize, ultimately disenfranchise, dispossess, and deprive people of their self-determination. All in the name of God Nature, Satanism has spread. The recurring idolatry.

Under the guise of having to save Mother Nature, attempts are being made to reintroduce godless collectivist communism. Of course, in a modern form.
Man is supposed to submit to matter instead of becoming aware of the power of his spirit and predisposed divinity.

The Return of the Gods at the End of Kali Yuga

However, the macrocosm is only a clock and material parable through which we can read our history and present quality of time. God and the gods are the cause that moves worlds. The cause lies in the personal and the gods’ spiritual will.

What happens here on earth has its cause in the spirit of God, the gods, the angels, the demons and men. As well as man can produce earthquakes by magic, so he can achieve this also with technical means of application (the experiments for this are far advanced), but it was in both cases of the man spiritual will which was the cause for the result.

If the earth’s core heats up, the spirit of all beings is the cause of this and not matter. Matter reacts to the spirit of the beings, which are active on all levels and react mutually.
In the same way, the sun is not responsible for the heating of the earth, but the spiritual conflict that is carried out between the gods and princes of darkness here on earth among the people, which in turn finds its expression in the actions of mankind.
The spirit of man is more powerful than all matter when he controls his mind. Matter only reacts and man should not be blinded by it, because it leads him into spiritual materialism and Satanism.

The spiritual conflict that materializes

The earth is heating up because a spiritual conflict between the forces of light and darkness on earth is culminating in humanity. The lightning bolts of Zeus are discharging in the minds of men as the gods and fallen angels incarnate on earth begin to awaken. Their memories rise into people’s consciousness and their spiritual powers are awakened within them, so that the old conflict is unleashed in full force.
The spiritual polarity at the end of Kali Yuga at its peak, ignited by the lightning of Zeus, will most likely discharge in the third world war and make the earth tremble. The shock of humanity becoming aware of the truth of the ancient conflict forces the fallen angels into the decisive battle before they have to go into hiding in flight because they are recognized for who they are and what they intend. However, the light can reveal these intentions and disrupt them so much that the world war need not come. When light falls on their plans and their nature is recognized, they become weak and the window of time that remains is only a few years.

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Guison, Abraxas, Eurynome

Guison “the fat-assed Pavion with the fake rosary” who deserves an ass-kicking. Abraxas, “the drunken thief and liar who pretends to be God, but does not understand that he can think because God exists”. Eurynome, which makes tin out of gold instead of multiplying the Pisces and bread.

Those who get beyond the silence of thought

There are many personal vices that lead people to take refuge in pantheism. Who should he have to face when he himself is God?
The shamanistic pantheist degrades himself by worshipping nature spirits, when he himself carries divine dispositions that could make him a god, if he would not cut himself off from his source. Instead of subduing the spiritual and material forces of nature, in his apostasy he submits to the spirits who will lead him to hell. He becomes the plaything of lower beings.

However, those who get beyond the silence of thought and reap the fruits of contemplation are confirmed in their belief in the personal God, angels and demons. You see how the Spirit of God works creatively on earth through the millennia. They become mages and initiates. The one, fellow soldiers on the side of God, his friends. The others in competition against God and among themselves.

He who can no longer be blinded is enlightened

The Holy Spirit causes in man to see the truth and to be interested in the truth. The Unholy Spirit causes people to hide the truth so that these demons, whether embodied or in the infernal spheres, gain the power to spiritually mislead people in order to be able to use them for their evil intentions.

The enlightened one knows the spirit of the spirits, their history of existence and appearance. He does not let you blind him, but exposes them by his light. Neither does he presume to be God, nor does he worship matter and its elemental spirits, which God has instructed him to subdue, because in this way man learns to master himself, transforms his vices and assumes his divine inheritance to be master over matter.

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Moses parts the red sea