The confession and fidelity

Promises, confessions and oaths are assigned to the eighth house and the zodiac sign Scorpio. That is why Scorpios are generally loyal people. To be in a relationship with a Scorpio person is to enter into a community of destiny.

To confess and promise something binds us karmically. We lose face when we fail to deliver on our promises. People who do not keep their word or do not have the courage to confess are not trustworthy and are powerless.
On the initiation path, both lines of force call for confession. Before this decision, one cannot avoid either path, although betrayal and lies are more frequent on the path of darkness, because this corresponds to its nature and philosophy.

The difference between these two lines is that God does not force anyone to confess, but the dark forces try to entrap someone in criminal acts in order to then force confession out of him. The infamous pact between humans and demons happens very rarely, since there are hardly any humans who have the magical maturity to make demands on demons.

Freedom was replaced by selfishness

Nowadays, at a time when politicians who have vowed to serve their country shamelessly lie and deceive people, so that those who should be social role models have become instigators of collective immorality, a marriage vow, a pledge, or a profession of faith no longer has any value.

In all social classes, fields of knowledge, economic branches up to the relativizing revised astrology a collective egomaniac cult has arisen under the guise of self-realization, in which freedom has been replaced by egoism. Everyone serves only himself anymore.
Whoever professes God, the Ten Commandments and the Creed, whoever mentions faithfulness, modesty, abstinence or devotion as virtues, is already ostracized, publicly attacked and denigrated, because he disturbs the immoral godless egomaniacal goings-on of the masses.

Everyone only puts themselves more in the center and on the stage. What used to be sages you listened to, now it’s scantily clad twenty-something influencers you follow, but when someone shines a light on the goings-on, the likes become scarce. Even the supposed friends no longer confess, because it is embarrassing for them, perhaps harms their own reputation, etc.

From confession comes strength and spiritual power

The initiation path includes the confession and promise to God to remain faithful to Him, in good times and bad. Today, however, people have become highly unfaithful to themselves. They propagate philosophies and worldviews that allow them to change their beliefs, if one can speak of them at all, like changing gender.
Don’t worry, I am not a dogmatist, because above everything there is always the truth. What is not true will not stand anyway.

However, what is of great significance to anyone who truly strives for enlightenment is the profession of faith. They must not deny the truth, but are obliged to bear the right testimony. One must be willing to admit one’s own past aberrations, reject false philosophies and heresies to which one has adhered, transform one’s vices, listen to one’s conscience, and unconditionally follow the truth to which one advances deeper and deeper in the course of one’s path of enlightenment.

What you know within yourself to be true and what your soul affirms, you confess to. Have the courage to take on the conflict with the outside world that will arise from your confession. This conflict is inevitable, as well as you will lose supposed friends. It is the airstream of enlightenment. Stay on track and don’t let the hubbub of your outside world stop you; you will gain strength and light every day through their confession. Move forward powerfully on your path of confession. Few will follow, but they are faithful and strong like you.