C.G. Jung has long been incarnated again

Not once, but several times people have told me that they have been with this or that medium who channels C.G. Jung, for example. In fact, C.G. Jung has already been incarnated again since 28.10.1966 under Sirius/Jung/MC.

Rudolf Steiner also erred on the subject of the duration between two incarnations, though remarkably he nevertheless correctly prophesied that many anthroposophists who were his disciples would incarnate again by the end of the twentieth century. He himself embodied again on 22.3.1994 in Austria.

On average, we are not in the spirit world for more than fifteen years before we incarnate again. The longest period I observed was around fifty years. Even with this span, purely theoretically a short embodiment in between would work out, which again I have observed very well. We incarnate in every century, if not twice, if they are shorter incarnations.

Always use your common sense in such matters. What can you learn if you were only born every thousand years? We would move in slow motion. Especially the highly developed people are very interested in actively and consciously participating in world events.

Checking, not wishing

Likewise, people tell me about regressions in which they have been this or that person, whereas I know from experience about reincarnation and its laws with certainty that they cannot have been that. I know this because of my decades of research, in which I often let myself be deceived by wrong inspirations because of my inexperience. However, those who have a great love for the truth will, in the course of time, be made aware of their mistakes by the angelic world and guided to the truth.
However, one must be able to admit one’s own mistakes and should be grateful for having been pointed out.

You can wish and imagine all sorts of things, but the question is whether it is true that you were this person in previous embodiment, or whether you are actually talking to C.G. Jung personally as a channel medium?!
Any conscious connection to the spirit world can only bring good if that relationship is based on truth. The truth can always be tested and we are also led to it, as long as we did not want to continue to live in the imagination and lie.
One feels the truth within oneself, one hears it within oneself and knows it, because it does not hide itself.

I have known spiritual people who have held on to misconceptions about previous reincarnations for decades because they cannot admit to having been deceived, or to having been deceived, twenty years ago. Their pride makes them believe they are losing credibility and authority. However, one cannot build strength on an imagination, which is why one should remain very “elastic” around the topic of channeling and reincarnation. Fixations and dependencies are harmful and point to plutonic connections.

The majority of mediums who channel don’t even know who they are talking to, though they undoubtedly talk to spirits telepathically. They often state that they channel this or that spirit, or even have conversations with God, but again I see and hear in myself that this is not true at all. In most cases, they converse with ghosts who pretend to be someone else.

A spirit like C.G. Jung, after his demise, has absolutely no interest in pouring his insights from the spiritual world into the world through a medium. For this he incarnates himself.

The content that the medium channels could still have a high truth content, even if the medium does not know the actual source of his inspiration. If they are dark spirits, they know how to mix truth and lies.
However, if someone does not recognize for many years that something is wrong here, then finally a negative karma is behind such a matter, so that it is to be assumed that both, both the medium in most cases (some lie consciously) and the client, who are subject to the deception, are themselves beings who already led others astray in previous embodiments. So I have observed this karmic connection at least several times. We end up with the wrong teachers.

Spirits take possession

When someone appears as a spiritual teacher, the karma he creates is very attached, to put it mildly. Very many people read her books and listen to her lectures. However, teachers bear a large part of the responsibility for what grows out of it!

If someone has spread false doctrine as a spiritual teacher and incarnates again, he will have to embody in an environment that will tend to lead him away from the truth. Even if he embarks on a spiritual path as an adult, the spirits that will confuse him are around him first, leading him to false teachers and counselors.
It then depends on him whether he corrects his course and carries out the purification that would bring him into contact with the angelic world. In most cases, this does not happen, because false doctrine that we carry into the world is usually accompanied by vices that have become ingrained in us. That is why the good opportunities to turn back from embodiment to embodiment are becoming rarer and rarer and the price is becoming higher and higher, because man has already entangled himself with spirits and people who have drawn him to their side and hardly let him out. Step by step, he embarks on a path that leads him away from God. First philosophical, then spiritual and finally ritual.