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After 86-year-old Silvio Berlusconi had already recovered from his respiratory distress to the point that he wanted to have a bunga bunga party with the nurses in the ward, he was complemented from the intensive care unit to his paradise in Sardinia because of sexism. His lawyers then sued the operating company of the private clinic, and his holding company Fininvest has since bought out the operating company. Berlusconi shared in an interview “that he had learned for himself that in old age one should be more generous and better not look so closely at the price in order to live longer.”

European People’s Party, Silvio Berlusconi 2018, CC BY 2.0

Radix of Silvio Berlusconi

At a birth time of 5:40 is given for Silvio Berlusconi. Source Taeger archive according to birth register. I would just like to mention a few constellations which, on the one hand, were not insignificant for Silvio Berlusconi’s career and, on the other, are characteristic of his character.

His Sun is at 6° Libra, Mercury at 9° Libra, which is not so easy to see in the drawing. In conjunction to Sun/Mercury are the asteroids Bal/Masoncole/Kaiser/King/Sardinas (Sardinia)/Roma.

Silvio Berlusconi (Sun) was a member of the secret organization and Masonic lodge P2 (Masoncole), which had its headquarters in Rome (Roma). What position he held in this lodge, we can conclude from the asteroids King and Kaiser.
Very often, as I have already pointed out several times, we see the asteroid Bal (Baal cult) in central position (Sun/Mercury/Bal) with Freemasons.

Pluto/Altair on cusp to the eleventh house (like-minded, organizations, politics) in square to Venus and the asteroid Fraternitas reconfirms his important position in an occult secret organization.
Above all, this T-square of Venus/Pluto/Fraternitas explains to us the dubious money flows from the circle of friends of the Lodge via Swiss banks, which led to Berlusconi being able to build his empire at all. Current assets 7.1 billion euros.
I suspect if you add up all his fines, he’s paid back about two billion in fines to competitors or the Italian government.
Of course, Pluto square Venus also represents the corruption accusations against Berlusconi. Considering that houses 11 (politics) and 2 (money) are involved in this, we know how it really went.

Berlusconi Freemason P2

Radix Silvio Berlusconi

With Princeps/Venus/Lilith/Sado in the second house of money in opposition to Uranus, he not only became immensely wealthy, but especially loved younger women (Venus/Uranus /eighth house of sexuality).
The asteroid Sado stands in principle for a Japanese prison island, so we could imagine in our imagination what makes it particularly sexually arousing in conjunction with Scorpio Venus. Whether he made his beloved happy is another question altogether? His last companion, who accompanied him for over ten years, now married a woman.

With Mars/Regulus he gets the nickname “the knight” in the Italian newspapers.

What I wonder, given his radix, is whether he is not only the “King of Sardinia” now, but with Sun/King/Emperor/Sardinas has been so in the past? In any case, he borrowed in styling from Victor Emmanuel II, who was once King of Sardinia and Piedmont from 1849-1861 and whose prime minister, Count Cavour, accomplished the separation of church and state, a goal of Freemasonry at the time.
At the same time, Victor Emmanuel II was a driving force to create an Italian nation-state. This idea was also conceived in the lodges of Italian Freemasonry. Wouldn’t it only be coherent and just that he now dominated this nation-state Italy as Prime Minister with Dhube/Italia?

Wikimedia Public Domain / uropean People’s Party, Silvio Berlusconi 2018, CC BY 2.0
Victor Emmanuel II / Silvio Berlusconi