Everything is written in our radix

Our radix describes crystal clear who we are, what history we have written and what our morals and beliefs are. Those who promote revised astrology as a great achievement in astrology must be convinced that there were no past lives through which we forged our destiny to have been born under these or those stars presently.

If there is this prehistory and if one knows his history of existence, then one recognizes from his horoscope crystal clear that virtue and unvirtue, faith and morality, as well as our relationship to God, were very well written into our radix.

The revised astrology is in reality a relativizing astrology, which evades any morally discriminating judgment of a radix. The revised astrology is an incomplete astrology, because it lacks the spiritual dimension that enables man to understand his destiny and to realize why he is presently confronted with this or that karma due to his nature and beliefs. The revised astrology is not able and avoids to give signs to the aspirant for initiation, which can show the way to purification and initiation.

One looks at only one side of the coin, because the truth of the existence of God, as well as the fall of hell hurts. One prefers the illusion and would rather believe in nothing, in order to be able to feel free in the illusion to form one’s life as one imagines it. God, a predestination, clairvoyant foreknowledge, a mission or destiny have no place in the worldview of revised astrology. However, the undoubtedly existing free will of man is given all space. It is similar to the Peligian controversy.

However, reincarnation astrology proves the opposite, that our radix is destiny. Our free will decides whether we live up to and fulfill our destiny, or experience our destiny as fate.