What Jesus feels is just, Karl Marx feels is unjust

The history of communism, through its four main protagonists Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, has impressively demonstrated where an ideology ends in practice when it places the collective above the individual. The result was an inhuman dictatorship and collective poverty.

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Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao

Everything began with the fact that convinced atheists and enemies of God ideologically abolished this and destroyed the divine justice, which finds its expression by our birth under certain heavenly bodies in a chosen family, by a political system, in which humans take from humans that, which was given to it by the divine providence by its birth deserved way as investment.

Our birth corresponds to divine justice, which finds expression in the monarchy as a form of state, since the birth of man into a particular family determines who is to receive political power.
In contrast, however, communism is the product of atheism and a resulting conception of human justice.

Veneration of saints versus leader cult

The monarchy, a reflection of the kingdom of heaven, places the individual above the collective. As soon as God is revered as an ideal, this promotes a spirit in society that honors and rewards people for their individual virtues. This spirit found its highest expression in the Christian veneration of saints.

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On the other hand, Marxism, communism, but also socialism place the collective above the individual. Since divine justice has been ideologically eliminated, human justice finds expression in numerical terms, ultimately ending in no one being allowed to own anything and everything belonging to the state.
In socialism, a state-legitimized robbery takes place in the form of taxes, so that politicians who have earned nothing themselves can act as protectors and promoters of the weaker. In principle, an outrageous act and interference with freedom under the guise of social justice.

Justice is not a resilient moral standard, but its interpretation depends on the respective consciousness of the person who judges it.
We all know how our human laws can be interpreted very differently, so that ultimately it is only again up to the individual discretion of the judge to do justice.

For a ruler, therefore, justice is by no means the highest virtue, but wisdom to recognize and administer divine justice.

Jesus was a Christian, not a communist, nor a socialist, but a monarchist

Let’s get to the bottom of the question of divine justice with a biblical story in which Jesus told us that it is just to take away the thaler of the one who buried it for fear of losing it, in order to give it to the one who made ten out of five talers.
Jesus did not opt for socialism, nor for a Marxist solution, but for the idea of achievement and the resulting just merit.

Each of us has received by birth a different number of thalers, respectively bad or good conditions, which he has acquired by his existence history. As astrologers, we see the result of this divine justice drawn in the horoscope.

However, the timidity of the one who buried the thaler is a vice and should not be rewarded. On the other hand, diligence, trust, righteous action and the resulting success that does not come at the expense of others are valuable virtues that deserve happiness and prosperity.
Since he awarded this one thaler to the one who made ten out of five talers and not to the one who made six out of three talers, Jesus strengthened the stronger of the two in the narrative, because the powerful one who wants and does good should receive even more power. There will be even more good in the world through him than if he were weakened by taking away what he has worked for.
Traded both successfully increased their thalers.

It should be justly in the discretion of the one who now possesses eleven thalers that he does something with it that serves the one who no longer possesses a thaler in the same way, because wealth and prosperity arise in the long run when the powerful strengthens the weak and does not exploit them. If he does not do this, it will result in conflicts and wars, in which he himself will ultimately lose everything.

Each individual human being must ultimately educate himself to use his power, strength and capital justly, responsibly and in a way that promotes good in the world. No political ideology can bring this about, but each individual himself must want this voluntarily, otherwise it will always end in some form of unjust political despotism and an inhuman dictatorship.

Are Marxists Satanists?

Theologically, I conclude for myself from this biblical narrative that Karl Marx was the opposite of a Christian. Atheist? More likely Satanist, because Marxism ended up in practice in every way the opposite of Christian righteousness. Stalin was a cruel tyrant and dictator. This was the result of this ideology that Karl Marx designed.
Jesus, in turn, would say, “By the fruits you will know them.”

In Marxism and the communism that emerged from it, it ultimately boils down to a form of justice in which everyone receives the same wage and no person is allowed to be better off than another, even though he may have performed significantly more. The collective is placed above the individual in all brutality. Striving for virtues and the success and prosperity that come from them becomes pointless.

In Christianity, however, the individual and personal is always placed above the collective and impersonal. The lover will respect the dignity of each being.

One should not be blinded by the concept of justice. It doesn’t get any better by prefixing the term “social.”
Ultimately, only the virtuous person who listens to the “righteousness of his heart” will be righteous , because it is the wisdom of our heart that allows us to make the morally right choices in life voluntarily, without government coercion.

Jesus was not a capitalist either

Jesus was an idealist and in favor of kingship, that is, monarchy. His father is his ideal and model of a king.