The Trojan War

If we look at the map of the Trojan War, today we would speak of a war of the Greeks against the Turks. The historical parallelism has remained unchanged by the location of the conflict. The Greeks defeated the Trojans. In the collective memory, the Trojan, a malicious software, reminds us of the war cunning of the Greeks, who were able to win the war with the help of the Trojan horse.

Narrative, myth, present and future

Through the archaeological merits of Heinrich Schliemann, we know that Homer’s narrative of the Iliad corresponded to events that had actually taken place. The myth was based on real incidents and events. The protagonists of Hesiod’s Iliad, Odyssey, and Theogony actually existed embodied as human beings and are not fictional poetry.

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Heinrich Schliemann / Present

The tales of Homer and Hesiod bridge the world of gods and men. On the one hand the gods, exalted in their power descend to incarnation and become human heroes of the Iliad and Odyssey.
Homer and Hesiod immortalized through their stories this event, which took place between heaven and earth. Both told us the truth about the gods in the heavenly spheres and about their embodiments on earth.

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The apotheosis of Homer / Ingress

The way Homer and Hesoid clothe the gods and heroes in narratives is symbolic in character, but the true nature of the respective characters is conveyed therein. Homer and Hesiod narrate and write poetry, so that actual events are interwoven with narrative and poetry in a way to transmit to posterity the true character of the embodied gods and heroes, through their human life stories.

That their stories are true, we astrologers recognize by the consistent effect of the celestial bodies named after you in astrology. The character of the persons handed down in the myth coincides exactly with the astrological meaning of the respective celestial bodies. Astrologers have only realized that Homer and Hesiod have given you the description of the astrological meaning of the celestial bodies in advance.

Homer and Hesiod

Homer and Hesiod knew the stories of people’s existence because they were initiates. Therefore, they were able to interweave the earthly events with knowledge from the Akashachronik to a true narrative.

Homer Hesiod

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Homer and Hesiod

We both did nothing different then than we do again today. So unbelievable to mankind that has fallen away from the faith that we can do it. Finally, in AstroPointer we describe the earthly battlefield with its celestial and earthly protagonists.

The former Hesiod has the asteroid Hesodios in conjunction with the royal fixed star Princeps at the ascendant. Homerus is in opposition to his Sun (father). Mutual Evidence.

Radix David Felber

The asteroid Homerus is in opposition to the royal fixed star Sirius in my third house of the narrative.

Radix Frank Felber

With an AstroPointer ABO you will witness again the current events of the global Iliad and Odyssey of mankind.