Olaf Scholz tarnished, one-year reprieve

Pixabay Public Domain

It will take another year for Saturn to square Olaf Scholz Sun/Mercury opposition to Saturn in the House of Banks and Public Money. Until then, Olaf Scholz will be slowly grilled. From an astrological point of view we have to assume that in spring 2024 we will see an Olaf Scholz with his back to the wall, since he is likely to be charged with a share of responsibility (Saturn) in the Cum-Ex affair. Until then, of course, the presumption of innocence applies.

In view of the looming negative Saturn transits, Olaf Scholz would do himself a favor if he were to bow out of politics. Saturn will make Olaf Scholz a loser. Olaf Scholz still has a one-year reprieve! Then in 2024 transit Neptune will be in opposition to Justitia. At the same time the Saturn squares become active, so that nothing can be covered up and swept under the table, if there is something to hide.

Transits Olaf Scholz May 2024