Size that harms

When the Wall fell in 1989, I rejoiced with the Germans, as probably did the vast majority of Western Europeans. Today, thirty-three years later, I think that reunification was a misfortune for Germans and Europeans. East Germany would have been better off becoming its own sovereign nation.
The balance of European states has shifted too much in favor of Germany as a result of reunification and has psychologically led to a resurgence of great power aspirations in Germany. One wants to make world politics.

Russia, in turn, is desperate to regain its former greatness and, if possible, even more. It is not big enough for itself. America has a continent of its own and is not big enough for itself, but has over a hundred military bases around the world to maintain its hegemony and initiated subversion and wars in many nations to keep it that way.

No one is big enough, powerful enough and rich enough, everywhere you look there is greed (Jupiter). In quantitative terms, however, there are always limits to any growth sooner or later. However, since the need for growth, multiplication and expansion (Jupiter) is obviously a basic instinct in man, instead of respecting his and others’ limits (Saturn), a way out of this dilemma must be found, since this behavior will, of course, be the cause of conflicts and wars in all time.
Man finds his way out of this vicious circle of greed for quantitative growth only through the realization that he must grow qualitatively. There are no limits to the quality at any level. In the qualitative field, mankind can compete with each other until eternity, if it wanted to do so, without having to come into conflict on the material level.

Only when the mass of humanity begins to strive for quality instead of quantity will we have peace on earth.

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