David de Mayer Rothschild, the adventurer, activist and ecologist


Synastry horoscope

Since we have the data from Angelina Jolie, I put her radix in the inner circle to see which houses it occupies from her.

David places his Jupiter on her Venus so that he honors her beauty and makes her feel special. Your person (AC) is enhanced by him and gains prestige.

Its Mars/Pluto/Venus conjunction is in opposition to its stellium of the Moon/Jupiter and Mars. Pluto in opposition to the Moon, combined with Mars/Venus creates a strong sexual attraction. However, we also see a Mars opposition Mars, which is generally a contentious aspect until both partners have learned to pull together rather than compete.

The relationship also works well on an intellectual level. His Mercury (conversations, knowledge) is in a sextile to her Mercury and in trine to her Jupiter. The intellectual and communicative exchange works and also ideologically one finds similarities.
Financially, she need not expect anything from him, for he places Saturn in the second house of money for her. He is a thrifty person. But Angelia Jolie has enough money anyway. This couple has a very strong sexual attraction to each other as well as an intellectual match, so they will make quite a good couple. They could also get along relatively well on an emotional level, although David is clearly more cautious about who he opens up to than Angelina.

Since there is a slight Sun square Sun, as well as a Mars opposition Mars, the challenge in this relationship is for each of the two to develop a willingness to take a step back in favor of the other.

Synastry Angelina Jolie / David Meyer Rothschild