Alliance between Russia and China sealed

Whoever says goodbye to each other with these words in this situation has decided on an alliance. Forty-five treaties were signed at this meeting between Russia and China. They have forged an alliance with each other and formed a broad-based alliance against the West. All against Europe!

Even Saudi Arabia has moved closer to Iran in recent weeks, and it is safe to assume that the Islamic nations will also settle their differences and form an alliance against the West in the foreseeable future.
At the same time, our borders are still open like a barn door and we are almost unarmed. In this position, we impose further sanctions and damage our own economy, so that Europe goes downhill in a nosedive.

Quote Swami Vivekananda 1897: “In about a hundred years, great upheavals will come and the vengeance of the peoples from the East. Either it will be Russia or China, maybe both together, marching against Europe.”

Combination Xi Jingping and Vladimir Putin

With Uranus/Amercia/Sirius the common goal is clear. We rebel against American hegemony and become partnersLibra AC) fighting a power struggle together for their sovereignty and freedomAquarius Sun in opposition to Pluto). With Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Midas, this will be a most fruitful collaboration that these two men produce together. This alliance between these two leaders will last.

Combin Xi Jingping / V. Putin