Large demonstration of farmers in The Hague

This Sunday, 100,000 farmers will gather to demonstrate in The Hague. Mayor Jan van Zanen has already upgraded the city. Military vehicles on every corner. It appears that the elite are heading for escalation.

Mundane quality of time

This weekend we have Mars (farmers, military, police) square the Sun (rulers) and Neptune (water). The asteroid Pax (peace) is in opposition to Mars (violence, peasants) and in square to the Sun. At the same time we see Uranus (demonstration) still in slight opposition to the asteroid Agricola (pawn).

Based on these positions, it would be expected that water cannons would be used (Mars square Neptune). Despite the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune in Pisces, which basically creates peaceful energy, the squares of Mars and Pax will probably cause things not to remain peaceful. We see that with Altair/Pluto/Emperor these days, the rulers will, in Machiavelli fashion, suppress anything that disturbs them. With force if necessary!

11.3.2023 Peasant demonstration