Michel Houellebecq in the River of Mnemosyne

Before we check which of the two speaks the truth by means of the radix, I will show you two historical parallelisms that the flow of mnemosyne revealed to me for the understanding of Michel Houellebecq. I was taken back in time and made aware of these two personalities.

Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) was a famous Polish composer who made Paris his adopted home from 1831. He was a representative of Romanticism and a leading musician of his time even during his lifetime.

Solomon Friedlaender

Salomo Friedlaender (1871-1946) was a German philosopher and writer born in Golancz, Poland, who was active in the literary avant-garde. He made numerous enemies with his sharp-tongued social criticism. His writings were a synthesis of narrative, detective story, grotesque, elements of science fiction and philosophy. A few weeks after the National Socialists came to power, he emigrated to France and settled in Paris, where he died impoverished.

Fronteiras do Pensamento, Michel Houellebecq no Fronteiras do Pensamento Porto Alegre 2016 (30895029365) (cropped), edited, CC BY-SA 2.0 / Wikimedia Public Domain Frederic Chopin / Salomo Friedlaender / M. Houellebecq

Historical parallelisms

Twice of Polish descent, twice an exceptional artist, twice emigrated to France and died in Paris. Same appearance and charisma. Now born French, but in Reunion, so he only came back to Paris in a roundabout way.

If the birth year 1958 is correct, then we must see the historical parallelisms written into the radix in some form. The matter is settled at a glance. The truth is spoken by the Son. With Sun conjunct Chopin/Mercury/Heracles in opposition to Regulus = the famous Chopin who is now a writer and a passionate (Pluto) cyclist (Mercury/Heracles). In the 56 radix we see Chopin standing somewhere and also the passionate cyclist is not written in with Mercury/Heracles/Pluto. The year of birth 1958 is clearly correct.

With Jupiter/Neptune/Princeps the formerly famous artist is confirmed to us again. With his Aquarius Venus in conjunction to Altair and Eros and in opposition to the asteroid Asia, the much younger third Asian wife is also written into this radix.

Radix Michel Houellebecq

The indication of the mother makes no sense at all astrologically.
On the other hand, in the 1958 radix we see a born writer who, with Sun/Mercury in opposition to Pluto, has an excellent sense of the spirit of the times, whose decadence he illuminates in a polarizing way. The Moon in Gemini in the twelfth house in conjunction with Alcyone knows how to absorb and write down these observations and intuitions.

If we were to follow the strand of Mnemosyne into the past, I am sure it would lead us to Poland.
Now Saturn’s transit over Houellebecq’s Sun and Mercury is imminent. As he indicated in a recent interview, he plans to retire and end his career. This would be an expected realization for the transit of Saturn over its “writing star”.