MC in Leo

This person is destined to take center stage through his abilities and what he creates to influence the public. Those who possess a Leo MC should not hesitate to give to the world what they have within them. There is greatness to be achieved and history to be made, but even the greatest talent must work hard to always improve.

MC in Virgo

This person is destined to mature through the practice of life in small steps and to rejoice in what is to be done. Through work, one serves a greater whole and must learn to put one’s own significance and importance aside. On the other hand, the priority is the service to his neighbors, the realization of the goals set and the attitude to give his best every day. With the MC in Virgo, we rarely become a superstar, but almost irreplaceable to those we serve.

MC in Libra

This person is destined to bring happiness, harmony, beauty and friendship into the world. His life usually runs on a quiet course without much turbulence. He is very likely to have to change his job several times and adapt to the circumstances by other people. Walking the path together is the big goal.

MC in Scorpio

The incarnational purpose of this person is to strive for higher goals through which he transforms and purifies himself as a human being. With Scorpio MC, someone is asked to commit to a path. This person, in most cases, has been stuck in his attitude and worldview for many incarnations. He stands before an embodiment through which he is tested whether he decides for the light or the darkness and according to his decision to really transform himself and to gain depth.