Uranus square the Sun in exile

We see how the Sun’s orb (gold) squared (retrograde) to Uranus (change of direction, high volatility) became so tight today (1.5°) that the associated destructiveness came into view. With the Sun in exile in Aquarius, Uranus not at home in Taurus, and the square generally representing setbacks and losses, gold breaks sharply within minutes.

At the same time, we see the trine to Mars subsiding, which has caused gold to rise as high as 1959 dollars in recent days. The constructive force diminishes and the destructive force gains the upper hand. Gold (sun) falls.

Day quality 2.2.2023

The monthly chart documents a quiet rise, but as we have approached quadrature in recent days, we see how volatility has increased. First a rapid rise (peak Sun trine Mars = gold strength), then discharge in the opposite direction (Sun square Uranus) and thirty dollars down again. The strength or weakness of the Sun in the quality of the day is the determining factor for the price of gold.

Source: tradingview.com

24 hours later. The square of the Sun to Uranus became exact. We slipped down another peg, as you might expect.

Source: Tradingview