German Government in Exile in Russia

Yesterday I came across an article about Ralph Niemeyer, Sahra Wagenknecht’s ex-husband. In it I read that he founded a German government-in-exile in Russia in early 22. Delicious!

With a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Libra, born as a Rooster in the Chinese zodiac, it can happen that you overestimate yourself. However, the Russian elite welcomes him in the current situation in which you find yourselves, which is why you even court him. There are photos in which he can already be seen with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, or Gazprom chief Alexei Miller.
Finally, Russia considers the German nation occupied by the Americans and controlled by a government that would have no independence and sovereignty vis-à-vis America. From their point of view, the idea of a German government-in-exile is quite justified.

Here is an article in the Berliner Kurier with photos at a young age of Sarah Wagenknecht and Ralph Niemeyer.

However, Sahra Wagenknecht’s ex’s story has not caused her any problems; instead, she is more popular in Germany than ever before. According to surveys, up to 30% of Germans would vote for Sahra Wagenknecht if she founded her own party.

Radix Sahra Wagenknecht

With her Moon in Leo on the MC, she is an important woman of Germany whose voice is heard throughout Germany with Mercury/Sirius. But also I in Moscow, with Mercury/Moskva. Russia would probably like nothing more than for Sahra Wagenknecht to found her own party. The German establishment is trembling before it!

Radix Sahra Wagenknecht

In the twelfth house of the previous reincarnations we see Spica/Russia, translated” Russian high nobility”. Your Sun is conjunct Moskva/Mercury/Sirius. One can assume that the words (Mercury) and views of Sahra Wagenknecht (Sun) have weight (Sirius) in Moscow (Moskva), as well as her ex Ralph Niemeyer is listened to. Russia would probably like nothing more than for Sahra Wagenknecht to found her own party. The German establishment is trembling before it!

Radix Sarah Wagenknecht (time unknown / 13:30 corrected)

Two years ago I thought that the transit of Pluto in opposition to Sahra Wagenknecht’s Sun would probably result in her expulsion from the left. She polarized and became a bogeywoman and outsider in her party (transit Pluto opp. Sun), but they could not bring themselves to expel Sahra Wagenknecht from the party. The Left was probably just as afraid of Wagenknecht founding a party.

Now Sahra Wagenknecht has survived the most difficult transits and from an astrological point of view she will get support again in the coming years. Transiting Pluto forms a trine to Jupiter and Uranus in the parties’ eleventh house for two years, and transiting Uranus forms a trine to their Pluto in the eleventh house. This would be the right time to create a new political movement of its own, which would surely get its voters quickly.
But it would be just as possible for her to fight her way back to the top of her party.

In 2026, Sarah Wagenknecht could reap the rewards when progressive MC runs in conjunction to progressive Jupiter, at the same time progressive Venus is in conjunction to her Moon in Leo and transit Jupiter runs over her Sun. Success and popularity at all levels!

Radix Sarah Wagenknecht Triggers 2026

I am sure that Sahra Wagenknecht would collect numerous votes from the AFD, the Left and the SPD, and even from CDU voters. It could even end in disaster for the established parties by further splitting the party landscape.

If my birth time correction is correct, then the Septar between 2025 and 2032 would also confirm a Sahra Wagenknecht in a significant public position. Sun, Moon, and Mercury in tenth house of the public, with Pluto on the Ascendant, argue for a person who should rise to the front rank. If that would not be possible in her party, will she find another solution to answer the initial question of whether Sahra Wagenknecht will found her own party? In any case, the political career of Sarah Wagenknecht is not over yet, because she has mastered the difficult transits of the last three years brilliantly.

Septar Wagenknecht 2025-2032

Those who delve deeper into the mysteries of historical parallelisms of the past and present will realize for themselves that the historical ties between Russia and Germany are very deep. If Germany were not politically coerced by America, it would most certainly follow a consensual path to keep the peace with Russia.

However, now that the former Protestant leaders of the sixteenth century, as revealed to me by the River of Mnemosyne, are in charge of the Green Party, oil is being poured on the fire again, so that the conflict between the West and Russia will continue to grow in tension. A renewed political rise of Sahra Wagenknecht would be a glimmer of hope that Germany will moderate its foreign policy so that this conflict does not spread even further and ultimately plunge all of Europe into even greater misery than is already the case.