The euro is dragging us down

The weaker the euro becomes, the more and cheaper Europeans work. It is time for Europeans to reflect on whether we should continue to strive to be world export champions under these new conditions? The world is currently buying cheap European quality products from us, and in return we are buying energy at absurd prices. We become the wage slaves of those who have enough energy. Vladimir Putin has now officially turned off our gas tap.

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Our companies are about to lose their profits. They will become a found food for bigger ones. The state is just passing on its (intended?) failure, to the entrepreneurs and at the same time the companies are made dependent on the state energy subsidies to remain capable of production, if this will be possible at all in view of the future gas shortage.
Whether intentional or unintentional, these developments lead to the state gaining complete control over free enterprise and indirectly, through the energy extortion capability of businesses, appropriating them. No one will have anything anymore (Agenda 2030 The Great Reset).
Pluto in Aquarius is already announcing itself. Those who cannot meet their own energy needs will become a dependent who can be blackmailed.

Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto in Aquarius

Companies that cannot, or will not, deliver what the government expects of them in the future can very easily be cut off when energy has become an unaffordable commodity. The grimace of Pluto in Aquarius, “the energy and freedom robber” already shows its face. Only those who have enough energy at their disposal are free.

Source: A. Pirchheim /In Weiz, the home of the chairman of the Austrian Federation of Industry, the dragon is rising

However, the state controls energy allocation, through prices that have become unaffordable without its support. In this way, free enterprise is systematically destroyed. The state, through the current transit of Pluto through Capricorn, becomes a monster that systematically appropriates everything and promises people that it will take care of them, but in reality leads its citizens into poverty and dependence.
Behind this state are the moneyed elites, multinationals and super-corporations, and a technocratic system that has reduced even national politicians’ room for maneuver to a minimum.

George Soros / Bill Gates

Europe has become expensive for Europeans. Yet this Europe is not even worth enough to us to protect Europe’s borders from further immigration. We citizens, spoiled by prosperity, allow the Brussels globalists to steer us even further into trouble.

Brussels has not made provisions. The phasing out of nuclear power, the shutting down of our coal-fired power plants and untapped gas fields, are now leaving us energy-less and weakened. Europe has become the victim of the nations of the world that have more energy and human resources at their disposal.

European citizens must stop the hostile takeover of our nations and their politicians, by technocrats, the super-rich, academics and the media. The politician has become a compliant companion to overriding global goals, which, however, the populations of the individual nations have never agreed to. It has become almost irrelevant who the citizen votes for, because the elected politicians serve other masters, not their people.

Gottfried of Werdenberg

The clairvoyant Gottfried von Werdenberg prophesied in his book “Vision 2004”: “In autumn, before the Russians will invade Europe, turn off the gas tap to the Europeans!”

The events are occurring, albeit twenty years later. Gottfried von Werdenberg pointed out several times in his book, however, that he has difficulties in the temporal determination, the events seen by him, as Alois Irlmaier also often claimed for his clairvoyances.

According to Werdenberg’s prophecies from 1990, Russia will turn off Europe’s gas tap before winter (i.e. in the fall). A warm winter follows, but in the summer/autumn after that Russia marches against Europe. In Europe, he said, at the time of the Russian invasion, chaotic conditions resembling civil war existed as people rebelled against their governments.
In the Czech Republic, 70000 right-wing and left-wing sympathizers were on the streets at the same time these days.

I would be surprised if the timing of the foreseen events, would take such a rapid development in the near future. Can it really be the case that within a few months there will be such unrest in Europe? I would assume that the unfolding of such unrest would have to take at least a lead time of two three years of high inflation? Then 80% of the population will have used up all their savings. Until people are cold and hungry, riots are likely to be limited.
Will we also soon have occupied parliaments storming rage citizens?

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The good news

As Zerohedge reports, the Eurasian Union plans to introduce a Moscow World Standard for the price of gold. This suggests that the upcoming Sun/Venus conjunction, which will last for several weeks into the fall, should boost the price of gold. The gold bull will be put out to pasture and the big players, who have been depressing the gold price for decades, will get a queasy feeling with their short positions in the future. The price of gold could explode if the Eurasian Union quickly agrees to implement this idea.
Vladimir Putin emancipates himself with his Lilith at the MC on all levels. He wants to end decades of manipulation of the gold price, because Russia hoards large quantities of gold and is one of the world’s largest gold producers.

Source: AstroPointer / Pixabay

We have seen these days how the stock markets fare without gas from Russia. Russia’s shutdown of Nord Stream 1 was followed by a prompt drop in the stock market. It is likely that factories in our country will soon be at a standstill.
As astrologically prophesied by me, under Saturn/Neptune we will not only have no gas and worldwide water shortages will cause major problems, but above all the unemployed (Saturn/Neptune) in Europe will cause a huge crisis. Our GDP will probably still collapse massively.

Saturn/Neptune, the poverty

On all levels we see how the steamship “Eurotanic” is heading for the iceberg of poverty (Saturn/Neptune). Too little energy and raw materials to produce means poverty. We gave away the know-how long ago in our greed. Production can now also be done by others, where energy costs are significantly cheaper.

Now heads will be spinning in Brussels. Where to get the energy we need! Citizens in poverty and dependent on the state (Saturn/Neptune), Europe without gas and easy prey for all who have enough energy.

Under Saturn/Neptune in Pisces (2023/2025), you wake up from your dreams and are confronted with reality.