Liz Truss will not rule England for long

As I already mentioned on 6.9. predicted Liz Truss will soon be embroiled in power struggles.

Boris Johnson wants to return to power and is already pulling out all the stops. I predicted from the synastry of Volodymyr Selenskyj and Liz Truss that this war will not bring her happiness. As it became known now, British agents planned the attack on the Crimean Bridge!

Boris Johnson

Has something been forced on Liz Truss here? Transiting Pluto in opposition to her Sun in the coming months and currently in opposition to her Mercury, indicate betrayal (Pluto) by the Secret Service (Pluto). Likewise, transit Pluto’s opposition to her Mercury represents media that purposefully agitate against her policies.

Liz Truss is unlikely to hold on to power longer than June/July 2023 unless she changes her strategy. As expected, she is bringing former competitors into her government and digging her own grave. She should have, as we analyzed astrologically, made tabula rasa from the beginning with transit Uranus on Mars and disempowered her former rivals in a blitzkrieg within the party to ensure her leadership. Now, as expected, she is already on the defensive and will soon lose the confidence of the English.

Liz Truss Transits July 2023
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Is Boris Johnson coming back to power?

If Liz Truss falls, any new elections would be March/April 2023. Boris Johnson’s Sun and Venus receive a trine from Saturn, and Mars will move across his Sun in these weeks, so he may well struggle back to power. With transit Uranus on Jupiter, he is all of a sudden the leader again.

Transits Boris Johnson Spring 2023
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Keir Starmer will have to make room

If Keir Starmer remains opposition leader of the Labour Party in any new elections in the spring, I dare to predict that Boris Johnson will again become prime minister and take back power. Keir Starmer faces transiting Saturn in conjunction to his Jupiter (failure, criticism, loss of reputation) in the spring and during 2023. At the same time, an opposition to his Sun/Pluto and Uranus stellium is building up (dismantling his person). He will probably have to make way for someone else here soon.

Keir Stramer Transits Spring 2023