Neymar injured

Brazil’s star player Neymar already had to play in the first match against Serbia on Nov. 24. be replaced with an injury. Retrograde transit Mars is currently moving through its seventh house (encounter) and formed an exact octile (swoon) to Chiron (injury). For Neymar, (regression) in a way repeated an experience from the past, because during the 2014 World Cup he was the most fouled player. He also had to take the brunt of it against the Serbians and probably felt powerless against the hard tackles until an injury made it impossible to continue playing. With transit Moon over the AC (I), one is somewhat more susceptible to injury, as the Moon over the AC makes us feminine, soft and sensitive. It came as it had to come and Neymar finally sat on the bench with tears streaming down his face. Under the transit of the Sun into trine to Chiron (doctors), it is thanks to the quick action of the doctors that he may be able to play matches at the World Cup after all.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior: 05.02.1992 at 02:15 in Sao Paulo Source: Astrotheme; Transits from 24.11.; created with Astroplus

The transit of the Sun through the 12th house (resting, off stage) in this case led to the experience that he has to cure an injury and cannot participate in the big events. On 3.11. he trained with the ball again for the first time, which brought him great media attention. So, under transit Sun near the AC and square to Jupiter (optimism) in the 10th house (public), he re-entered the stage. It remains to be seen whether one was too optimistic under transit Sun square Jupiter.

Neymar, transit from 3.12.; created with Astroplus

Germany is out

The German national team under coach Hansi Flick has already bowed out of the tournament. The AstroPointer already addressed the discussion about the One-Love-Tie. As a neighbor, the current situation of the DFB does not leave one cold and nevertheless one must interpret the stars as they are. Therefore, in this article we will take a look at the horoscope of the trainer, because in it the whole debate is depicted. This is interesting, as some of the players were involved in the discussion about living conditions in Qatar and the LGBTQ agenda, but the coach, as the head of the team, is the one who pulls all the strings.

The focus of our consideration is a constellation in Flick’s horoscope, namely the opposition of Jupiter (worldview, instruction) in Taurus (security) and retrograde Neptune (hypocrisy, unreflectiveness) in Scorpio (power, covert). People with this constellation tend to adopt the view of other (opposition) possibly more powerful persons unreflectively out of a sense of security. At the same time, you might like to lecture your fellow man because you may feel that you are holier than thou.

Hansi Flick: 24.02.1965, time unknown; created with Astroplus

Exactly during the last days the transit Saturn (reprimand, criticism, defeat) formed an exact square to this constellation, so that Flick and his team were reprimanded and not allowed to wear the One Love bandage. Since no other team set a similar action, they ended up standing alone (Saturn), but also as the big loser (Saturn/Jupiter) of the tournament. One was criticized from all sides. Some called him and his team cowardly for not wearing the armband, others criticized the over-morality. From the defeat in the first match against Japan, people naturally criticized the sporting performance and with the early exit it is even possible that Hansi Flick, after all his successes with FC Bayern Munich, will in future be associated primarily with the national team’s overall performance at the World Cup.

Transits of Saturn in negative aspects (square, opposition, etc.) to Jupiter are never to be underestimated for the person concerned, since it is very easy to lose one’s earned reputation (Jupiter) during this time (Saturn). In this case one should have reconsidered everything (Saturn) and should not have blindly followed those who pull the strings in the background (Scorpio) (Neptune negative), but should have set a limit (Saturn). Since one did not do this, everything is at the expense of one’s reputation.

What remains and probably goes down in history is the manifested sham morality (tr. Saturn/Jupiter/Neptune) pictured with the team photo from the first game and the covered mouths. One can be curious whether Hansi Flick under the upcoming transit Uranus (turnaround, rupture) conjunction Jupiter will perform a turnaround by no longer allowing himself to be drawn into debates of this kind and instead representing opinions contrary to the mainstream.